SmartSheet10 is the best thing that happened since changes to ICD 10. I am in love with this program. Before I had SmartSheet10, 60 claims took about 8 hours to verify and double check to make sure codes were correct. With SmartSheet10 it takes less than 3 hours for the same amount of claims. Translating ICD 9 codes to ICD 10 codes take less than 30 seconds compared to minutes looking them up in the book. No one in our office has to wait for codes any longer. It is simply the best solution to anybody’s ICD 10 nightmare.

-Gaby S.

“I have used SmartSheet10 for the past few months and can highly recommend this product. As a certified instructor in healthcare practice management, coding, auditing, and compliance, I have been able to have access to demonstrations and hands on practice with several coding software programs and feel that the SmartSheet10 Technology delivers exactly what it promises – a high speed crosswalk between ICD10-CM and ICD9-CM, that is easy to understand and use. The compatibility was on target and I valued the ability to be able to have the software programmed to know which third-party insurers would accept ICD-9 and which required ICD-10. One of the most important aspects with this program is the ongoing personal and swift service given by the professional company that produced it, NEMO Capital Partners, because they really listened to my needs and their product did exactly what they said it was going to do.”


“It flows straight off the ICD-9 coding we already use to and in one or two clicks, it leads you to the best ICD-10 code available. Right from the beginning, I was coding accurately using both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes without spending any extra time coding. The best thing was when my office staff picked it up effortlessly too. Our certified coder absolutely swears by this software. With the deadline for coding with ICD-10 looming, I urge everyone to give this software a try.”

- Dr. Steven Dresner

“The Build-in visual aids for ICD-10 coding are brilliant! This is the first time I have ever seen ICD-10 done this way. It has some unique aspects that you just don’t see on the market.”

- Carol Hudson, RN-C and AHIMA Certified Healthcare Technology Specialists (CHTS)

I want to take the time to tell you how invaluable I think that “Smartsheet 10″ is.  I have been working for 32 years in a surgical office and have seen many changes within in the healthcare system. I was truly feeling overwhelmed at the most challenging change that I had before me.  I signed up for your Webinar through TriZetto.  I was impressed and knew it was something I wanted to try. I am so happy and pleased with the technology it provides.  It is easy to use and is a crucial asset to the practice. It took all the stress out of a stressful complex situation.

- Lynda L., Office Manager