How much will SmartSheet10™ Actually Cost Your Practice?

SmartSheet10™ costs $99 per month, per workstation.  If you are purchasing for more than 10 workstations, please call us at 877-266-0509 for a special pricing offer.

By definition, a good “investment” actually makes you money!

Here’s why:

Using ICD-10 Books

Typical time needed to search a code

(varies depending upon specialty)

5 minutes

Number of codes searched per day

(could be conservative)

Number of minutes per day searching
75 minutes

Cost of searces per day

(based upon $18/hour)


Cost of searches per week

(based upon $18/hour)


Cost of searches per month

(based upon 4.3 weeks per month)

Cost of SmartSheet10™ Technology
Return on Investment (ROI)

* The above is based upon a single practitioner and can be extrapolated the same way across multiple practitioners.

* The above does NOT consider the cost associated with rejected claims, the time for them to be reworked and resubmitted, nor the possibility of those claims never getting paid.